Friday, March 10, 2006

Justice O'Connor Uses the D Word... Twice!

In an extremely unusual speech, notable for its sarcastic and harsh tone, Sandra Day O'Connor blasted conservative Republican critics of the judiciary. Speaking at Georgetown University yesterday, Justice O'Connor obviously decried (without specifically naming) George Bush, Tom Delay, and John Cornyn, among others, for their actions, their words, their "nakedly partisan reasoning" and "threats to strongarm the judiciary" that threaten to plunge the country into "dictatorship."

The speech was not recorded, but Nina Totenberg of NPR was there and covered it for Morning Edition (listen here), then Keith Olbermann picked it up for Countdown. When a former justice -- and a moderate Republican one at that -- speaks so plainly it's a remarkable story, and if more outlets don't cover it, something is really wrong with the news. (Beyond just Katie Couric.)

UPDATE 3/11/06 -
Something is really wrong with the news. The lead segment on Today this morning was not that the former justice gave a speech at Georgetown attacking the President... but that his nephew, 19-year-old Pierce Bush, wrote a letter to a Houston paper defending his position on the Dubai deal. Then this idiot kid came on, complaining in his inarticulate way about how early it was. You know why it was so early, Pierce? Because NBC made you the lead story on The Today Show, you fuckstick!

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