Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Lows Every Day

Okay, so previously in our Evil Iraq Profiteering Hall of Shame, Halliburton was paid to purify the drinking water for our troops at Camp Junction City, but didn't do the actual bacteria-killing part of the job.

The money-collecting? That they did. The water-purifying? Not so much. And our troops that they claim to love so much got sick.

Now, on to the newly reconstituted AT&T, which has the exclusive contract for the payphones in our PX's in Iraq. They have blocked 800 numbers, so the troops can't use their calling cards that their families sent them from home. So the soldiers have to use AT&T long distance. At 21 cents a minute.

Of course, AT&T feels they're welcome to use off-base pay phones. If they can find a non-bombed pay phone. And they don't mind standing on a street corner in Iraq and chatting while in a U.S. Armed Forces uniform.


Paul Israelson said...

Yeah, that's pretty low, even for Ma Bell.

Soldiers overseas should have free telephone service. Taxpayers won't object to footing that bill.

Michael Markowitz said...

I think I speak for most Americans when I say I was stunned to find out they pay now!

They should get free high speed Internet access and the resulting free VOIP.

Sean Tisdall said...

On an equally stupid note. The Commander of the Canadian forces in afganistan asked for and got a Tim Hortons franchise at the Canadian base. The general wanted to give the troops a little taste of home. What's interesting is that Tim Hortons is owned by Wendy's TDL. So the Canadian General wanted to have the Canadian troops feel at home by giving them an American business to purchase from. Me, I'd have rather had a sushi joint.

Michael Markowitz said...

Assuming that Tim Hortons is a Canadian restaurant chain, respectfully, I don't think your example is "equally stupid" to AT&T gouging servicemen 21 cents for a 2 cent minute. I would say your story is ironic (much moreso than, say, rain on your wedding day), but it's not really equal to a giant corporation profiteering from soldiers.