Thursday, March 09, 2006

One More Thing About the Oscars

I finally realized what was so strange about the Oscars this year.

Well, there was a lot that was strange. As Aaron, a CNET Buzz Out Loud listener pointed out, Sid Ganis told us movies are better when we see them "with total strangers."


Very few things in this world are better with total strangers. Movies suck with strangers around.

But here's my epiphany:

At the Emmys, there is always a montage of what an amazing year this has been for TV. Usually, there are two or three. One for fun, one for issues, and so on.

Now there were a lot of montages at this year's Oscars, as Jon Stewart hilariously pointed out. And Chuck Workman has no bigger fan than me. When Precious Images came out, I had a friend make me a tape which I watched until I wore it out.

But all of the montages were of how good movies were. None of them were of the movies this year. There were a lot of really good movies this year.

The Academy could have put together an awesome and exciting montage of clips that would have made hundreds of millions of people say, "You know what? We don't go to the movies enough!"

Instead, they showed montages that made them say, "You know what? Let's rent Gentleman's Agreement and Ben Hur this weekend."


bradles said...

you're right. aside from Jon Stewart, the Oscars really blew this year.
those montages were a waste of time.

Sons of Dean said...

Don´t agree. We liked what we saw here.

Michael Markowitz said...

Oh, make no mistake. I loved the Oscars. I love them every non-Whoopi year. And I thought Jon Stewart was amazing.

My point was just that it was a missed opportunity. In a year when they were clearly hitting us over the head with the hamfisted message that if we watch DVDs we're taking food from the mouths of children, they could have taken this one night to show off how much fun it is to GO TO THE MOVIES.

Maybe they could have gotten Errol Morris to interview moviegoers coming out of 40-Year-Old Virgin or Wedding Crashers (two movies not evenmentioned all night) while they were still high and excited, in a way you don't get when you watch at home.

Or as big a fan of Chuck Workman's as I am, just get him to do his thing on movies from THIS YEAR. Say to the world "If you didn't go to the movies this year you really missed something!"

instead they said, "Get a Netflix membership." It was weird.

No, I think Jon Stewart (and Gil Cates) did a great job.