Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Personal Commercial Memory

A visit to the website of my friend, former Duckman writer and adman extraordinaire Howard Margulies, got me to remembering the first commercial I ever appeared in. I was so excited to get cast and to get paid for acting for the first time.

It was an ad for Jewel, a supermarket chain in Chicago. I played the doting son preparing a turkey dinner for my sweet, grey-haired old mum. I tenderly seasoned and garnished the bird, placed it in the oven, took it out, put booties on it, then served it to her with pride. She pinched my cheeks, and I smiled bashfully.

It took eight or ten hours to shoot. The food stylist kept smearing the turkey with motor oil to make it glisten. By the end of the day it was rancid and smelled awful, as did I. For days. And it never aired.

But I was in show business, dammit!


howard said...

I wrote a spot for a famous company, for their microwave popcorn.

The "steam" wafting off the popped corn was created by an emphysematous grip blowing Marlboro smoke down a glass pipe into the bottom of the popcorn bowl.


Michael Markowitz said...

Food stylists might make a good mini-documentary. Or a good mini-mini-documentary, for CurrentTV. All for someone more ambitious than I.

Sydelle Pearl said...

I've seen that commercial.