Saturday, March 25, 2006

Random Commercial Thoughts

As much as I hate the Volkswagen "my fast" ads, that's how much I love the Peter Stormare "V-Dub" ads.

My friend Russ noticed this awful Century 21 ad first, and now I can't escape it. It's nauseating.

And finally, can't you just see the KFC client meeting? "We need an ad that stresses that KFC is half the price of casual dining restaurants" "No problem!"

Leading to this hideous no-humans-talk-this-way commercial:

Mom: You spent eight dollars on a meal from a casual dining place?

Daughter: Mo-mm! It's four dollars at KFC!

Announcer: KFC is half the price of casual dining, blah blah blah...

Mom: So if you save so much money, how come you haven't moved out?

Daughter: Mo-mm!


Ellen said...

I hear ya.

My daughter pointed out some cereal commercial with a mom/daughter scenario that made her gasp the first time she saw it.

The mom says something about how healthy the cereal is and if she keeps eating it, she'll live forever. Then they show the daughter make a disgusted face.

Nice, huh?

I recently saw a billboard for POM juice with the headline, "Outlive Your Spouse".

I guess in a time where I've actually seen a vanity plate that says "H8 MY EX", that made sense to TPTB at that company.

howard said...


I'm delighted that you also hate those hateful, misogynistic VW FAST spots, with that creepy Mattel icon that reminds me of the Zuni Warrior from "Trilogy Of Terror."

If you listen hard to the dialog in that KFC spot, you can hear the sound of copywriters ripping their hair out. I love when clients talk to themselves with insider terms like "casual dining place." That's their idea of being competitive without offending the CEO of Coco's, who probably golfs with the CEO of KFC.

Hey, check my webpage and watch some kwality kommercials!



Michael Markowitz said...

Howard!!!!!! I could not be happier to cyber-see you!

As regular readers of this here ye olde bloggery are sick of hearing me say, my number one pet peeve is commercials that portray men in a negative light... and that includes ones that portray men as dumbass misogynists. Commercials like that are no better than minstrel shows.

Plus it's just a bad, creepy ad. Your TOT reference is right on the money. I think it was Slate that pointed out how VW's old agency had done that wonderful ad that showed two guys driving around, finding that couch. Now their new agency brings us this monstrosity.

As for your stuff, fantastic!!! Clever, fresh... People, hire this man!

It's so funny you pointed me to this, because I was going to blog tomorrow about the Patricia Heaton Albertson's commercials. My problem isn't with the writing, which is great. It's with her. She seems like the wrong celebrity for the concept of the Albertson's ads (not the Jewel ads, which are awesome).

IMHO, the Albertson ads are all based around this big movie star who is always off to shoot a mermaid movie or a Civil War picture or a musical, and we know Patricia Heaton plays, like, cops in Lifetime movies. The Jewel ads use her perfectly: as a mom.

Is this distinction lost on the client? Am I crazy? I know a lot of people who find the "Patricia Heaton" she plays in the Albertson's ads, who throws snacks to her driver, selfish and loathsome.

Anyway, none of that is your fault. Nor did you really ask me. Your work is wunderbar. As always. People can you tell I'm gushy about this guy? In a straight way?

And Ellen, that Outlive your Spouse is unbelievable, even in this day and age. And that mom/daughter ad!! The greatest compliment to both of you is that your daughter gasped when she saw it. :-)

howard said...

Actually, all the same spots for Albertsons were done for Jewel in Chi-town, Shaw's in Boston and Acme in Phily. And you're right, we've done many "mom" spots and several "celebrity" spots which acknowledge that she is, in this parallel Heaton universe, a TV star.

I prefer the mom spots, too.

Oddly, housewives loved the spot of her in the limo tossing cookies to the off-camera "Jimmy."

So one man's poison is another man's ipecac.


Michael Markowitz said...

Hey ho

Proves my point: most housewives are mean.

Ry Jones said...

I have the VW "unpimp your ride" spots up on . Enjoy!