Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Random Idol Thoughts: McPheed Me!

Paris, the fact that you're a tomboy is not really much of a secret. The only secret is what dark Evil keeps you in this competition.

Even in a Cingular commercial, "Solisbury Hill" makes me happy.

Does anyone else think it's strange that Kentucky Fried Chicken uses "Sweet Home Alabama" in its commercials?

I still think Lisa Taylor is holding back from how good she is. Oh, and Lisa? You're beautiful now, but look at Gayle King. That will be you in forty years.

Melissa sang great, but... she thinks everyone thinks she's a girly-girl? Do these women ever look in a mirror? Her hotness comes from her Pinky Tuscadero-ness. Still, she needs an eye makeup intervention... All that shmear only calls attention to her Picasso eye.

Oddly enough, in the vision of Kinnik eating hog intestines, the hog intestines aren't the unsavory part.

McPhee! She kicks ass, she's stunning, smoking, charming... and I want her to sign a public pledge not to let anyone make her lose a single ounce of weight ever. If they turn her into Hillary Duff it'd be tragic.

Now Ayla. I think Randy's nuts. I think the Natasha Bedingfield song showed Ayla off better than some of the other songs have for other singers. I'm with Simon. She was good. I love her.

Noooooo, Mandisa! With Brenna gone, now you've taken up the off-tempo mike-finger-tapping??? The girl can definitely sing... but the judges went overboard.

(The point is often made that the sound in the theatre is very different from the one that is broadcast. I suspect this is a case of that.)

Kellie's dog Comet won me over. I also love seeing the smoldery side of her. Muy sexy. And yes, naughty. I thought she and Katharine were the standouts.


Lisa said...

I LOVE that Kellie thought Minx was the plural of mink. Last week I wanted to slap her for her, "Aw shucks" attitude. But this week, it was so genuinely cute. Even the way she pronounced "Sal-mon". But I think Russ said it best when he said, "Jessica Simpson is scared right now. Kellie is stealing her stupid".

gina said...

Pinky Tuscadero! Yes! LOL

Michael Markowitz said...

You just know she has a sister, Leather!

And yes, Lisa, it's so true! It's a fine line... Last week her hayseed act was irritating. This week? ADORABLE! There's a lesson in there somewhere.

And I think Jessica Simpson should be scared because she's playing second fiddle to Miss Piggy in the Pizza Hut commercial! Doing a six-month-old song with a puppet that I don't think has any cred for today's teens (unlike Kermit)