Friday, March 10, 2006

TiVo Lifetime Service Offer Ends March 15th

Bummer: If you buy a stand-alone TiVo after March 15th, you will no longer have the lifetime service option. So if you think you might want a TiVo, now's the time. Also, you can use coupon code TIVO50 to save fifty bucks on select TiVo's at They also have rebates on models here. I get no money back from Weaknees, I just love their super-storage upgraded TiVo boxes.

As for the new TiVo service pricing, it appears the box is free and you pay for the service, but it is as complicated as cell-phone contracts. Here is the clearest explanation I've found... and I'm still fuzzy.

One interesting fact gleaned, though: If you bought a lifetime TiVo service before January 20, 2000 you are grandfathered in for one free transfer... meaning you can buy a new TiVo (even a Series 3, when they come out), and switch your lifetime service to that box, even though they're not offered anymore. Good to know.

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