Sunday, March 05, 2006

Two Hours and Sixteen Minutes

I've previously written about how people routinely come up with ways to rejigger the rules of the Oscars in order to make them shorter, yet no one ever changes the rules of, say, the Super Bowl to make that shorter.

My position is that an event takes as long as it takes, and you should either televise it the way it is or not televise it at all. I think they've actually hurt the Oscars. That by hustling people on and off the stage, they've robbed them of the spark of unpredictability.

If anyone complains tomorrow about the length of the Oscars, I would like everyone to keep the following statistic in mind:

Two hours and sixteen minutes.

That's how long the Parade of Nations was at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

Just people walking, carrying flags. For two goddamn hours and sixteen goddamn minutes.

And no one is suggesting that for the next Olympics, they not televise it. Or that only big countries get to do it. Or that they cut the "boring" countries. Or that some countries walk on a separate night.

No, a major network devoted two hours and sixteen minutes of prime time to people walking with flags and still no one suggested changing it. Because people who don't like don't watch it. That's the way the world works.

Just remember that tomorrow... when people start complaining the Oscars are too long.


Boski93 said...

You are right, I think should just let it run it course. Obviously you do not need a three hour rambling diatribes, but damn it a person(s) just won. Let them have a little time to say thank you say something.

Michael Markowitz said...

EXACTLY! And how about that music! For some people this is their one moment in the sun... Let them have it.