Thursday, March 30, 2006

"What Have You Done?"

That's what Ryan asked before he read the results on Idol last night, and that's what I said after seeing the bottom two. Just one more reminder to never, ever assume your favorite is safe.

As for Shakira, first let me say she has no bigger admirador than me. But for such an incredible singer, she appeared to be wayyy over-relying on that annoying pitch-correcting software last night. And unless there's a way to do it on the fly -- I have no idea -- that means she was lip-synching. Which is a shame, particularly on Idol.

Wyclef was clearly synching. Which is baffling.


Sydelle Pearl said...

Pitch-correcting technology is completely available for live performances. If you ever find yourself trapped in a theater where Grandma Cathy Rigby is playing the boy who wouldn't grow up, you can experience it for yourself on the last note of every song she sings. It's amazing.

Michael Markowitz said...

Am I the only one who finds it completely non-human sounding when used to glide from note to note in a song? There are some records (and Shakira's Idol performance last night) that almost sound like Cher's "Believe"

As for the boy who wouldn't grow up, is that Richard Simmons? OH! BANG! POW! I'm here all week!