Monday, March 06, 2006

You Have Got To Love Swanni

I know I shouldn't read Swanni, but it's just so weird.

His has once more gone wacky. He writes:

Sling Media, which has launched a new service called the Sling Box, is attracting investors such as Liberty Media and EchoStar. With the right connections, the box enables you to watch your home television channels from just about any Broadband-enabled laptop or PC regardless of location.

However, Sling Media must first create a demand among consumers who may not be interested in watching their home TV while on the road. While the concept sounds good, many people may feel they would have little chance to use the service because they would be too busy while traveling.

Okay, coupla things:

First off, this new service? The Slingbox? It's not new.

It was introduced over a year ago. It's been widely available since June. It was part of Time magazine's "Best Inventions of 2005" cover story back in November. Even I blogged about it back in December.

Second of all, who are these "many people" Swanni's citing? As always, Swanni links to an article which quotes him. But the article makes him look like a knucklehead. He's quoted as saying demand for the Slingbox "doesn't exist." But the rest of the article is about the popularity and success of the Slingbox! I suspect he only read the part about him.

And by the way, when visiting, be sure to read Swanni's new "comedy" column "Swanni's 'Laughin' At The Stars'!" No, seriously, read it once. It is so staggeringly, jaw-droppingly unfunny it's like being trapped in an elevator with the office jerk.

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