Friday, April 21, 2006

American Inventor (SPOILER ALERT)

It was a total waste of time, but they did cut off the show without the moment I most wanted to see:

They didn't show what that Sackmaster guy's wife said when he told her, "Yeah, honey, our lives could have changed, and our children could have had their financial futures secured, and millions of lives could have been saved from future disasters thanks to the Sackmaster, but instead of working, I jacked off by the pool and got a new suit. I didn't even try. When's dinner?"


norm said...

I liked his invention...but he did come off looking like an even bigger tool than his shovel.

Then again, is this show judging people or inventions?

And, not that it's an excuse, but he wasn't the first to make a faux pas like that.
The toilet guy made a crack about going to Mexico with his money (the difference is, he didn't actually do it.)
It's sad to see people sacrifice so much for a good idea and then screw up at the end.
That is, if he really sacrificed everything.
Did you see all those nice shiny guitars behind his daughter when he got home?
Maybe he's doing better than he let on.

norm said...

Do you think the guy would be upset if I used this link to ask him what his wife said?

Anonymous said...

We would appreciate your letting your viewers know that Doug Hall will be guest bloggin live this Sunday, April 23.

He will be on at 9:30 Eastern time at for anyone who wants to ask him questions or give feedback.


norm said...

I've been curious about this last post.
Did you blog get spammed?

Michael Markowitz said...

Hi, Norm... I don't think of it as spam. The folks at that blog clearly read this blog, too -- they've even quoted you over there -- and they just wanted to let us know about a special event.

norm said...

Poor choice of words on my part.
But, thanks for setting my mind at ease.