Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Geico Confusion

Okay, so I seem to remember that Kelsey Grammer was the voice of the Geico lizard or gekko or whatever, and then came the actors' strike, so they got someone else.

And then they went to the caveman thing, which I didn't understand. And then they went to the silent gekko sleeping with the kids in the back seat, keeping them safe (which I thought was pretty effective).

Then they went back to the caveman thing.

And now the gekko seems to be a cockney chimneysweep or bootblack, and I have no idea why or what he's saying. Or what it has to do with insurance. They still sell insurance, right? Or is it just purely a company about reptiles now?


Dec said...

..and as my daughter pointed out: When did the gecko actually join the Geico team? He used to be irritated that people would confuse Geico with gecko. And you're absolutely right.. he sounds like Michael Caine in Alfie.

(nothing like a 40 year old pop-culture reference)

They also had the misdirection commercials which featured the "I just saved 15% on my car insurance". Irritating spots, all of them, but what T.V. watching American doesn't know about Geico?

Sydelle Pearl said...

I've never understood a single thing about Geico's ad campaigns, including, without limitation: (1) why the only single thing they could think to tell us about the company was that the name sounded like Gecko, (2) what the whole 'offending the cavemen' running 'joke' means or has to do with insurance and (3) [as dec pointed out], why the Gecko became the spokescharacter for the company he resented so.

Michael Markowitz said...

That's right! I'd forgotten he used to hate them, and then he switched sides! WTF??

And Dec, your point about the misdirection spots brings up a classic point. I remember the spots well, but had no idea they were for Geico. So I guess they were terrible ads.

Meanwhile, I would like to fill the gekko with deadly venom and sic him on the Ditec guy.

peeky said...

yes, but if i needed car insurance, which i can't imagine but secretly hope will happen one day, and there were two choices: bloo-blah's or geico, I would probably choose geico, because i've HEARD of it. and that's all they care about. signed, manipulated TeeVee viewer

howard said...

Geico, owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway spends something like $215 MILLION on advertising. Which accounts for why we're all so familiar with their very single-minded message: 15 minutes online can save you 15% or more, blah blah.

I took the challenge. The only way I would save is if I moved to Bakersfield.

That said, I do like the Esteban spot. He scares me.

Michael Markowitz said...

I used to wonder, during the dot-com boom, what products COULDN'T get on the air because of the 50% of airtime being occupied by dot-com commercials. I now know they've been completely taken up by Geico, cruises, Lending Tree, and Capital One.