Saturday, April 29, 2006

Google SketchUp

Google has released SketchUp, its 3D modeling software, for free. It's Windows only, but Mac is to come. There is a growing library of ready-made buildings online for downloading, including the Rose Bowl (above).

Your evil scheme diagram should now be very impressive. Now if you could just get some sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads.


norm said...

I got a try-out copy of this a year or so ago.
It was a lot easier for me than Maya and I picked up the basics pretty fast.
But, from what I saw then, it was mostly a quick, down and dirty concepting tool.
Not something to make in-game assets or assets for film.
Maybe things have changed...or will change.
Either way, I'm happy to see it succeed.

howard said...

Y'know mikey, I remember back in the day, you used to poo-poo Macs. Thanks for coming up, coming all the way up to pure chewing satisfaction!

Michael Markowitz said...

Howard you are right, I am busted... But in fairness to me, back in the day, they were OS9... OSX is what made it so chewy and delicious!!!!!

I am counting the days until my 17" Macbook arrives!!! Oh FedEx... Where are you???

Michael Markowitz said...

Norm, I just love that tools like this are out there for free!