Thursday, April 06, 2006

"I don't know of anybody in my administration who leaked classified information" -- Bush 9/30/03

"Court documents: Libby testified that Bush OK'd intelligence leak"


peeky said...

"If anybody leaked any information, heads are going to roll. I mean it! I'm not kiddin'. Unless it turns out to be me or one of my hopelessly senile advisors, somebody somewhere is really going to get it, or my name isn't whatever my name is." Signed, President of the United American States of America.

Michael Markowitz said...

What's hilarious... oh, no, I meant to say tragic and criminal... is that the material he "declassified" was in two parts. The part he DIDN'T declassify was the part that proved he knew the aluminum tubes story was bullshit all along. Interesting, eh?

But anyway, it's all academic, because he didn't declassify anything. There are procedures for declassifying documents, and the President followed none of them. If the CIA doesn't know you've declassified a document, it's still classified. Besides, if the President wants a document declassified, why leak it to a reporter through a third party? Perhaps because it's CLASSIFIED????

He should be tried. And if he's not guilty, then Cheney's a traitor, and should be executed.

Paul Israelson said...

"He should be tried. And if he's not guilty, then Cheney's a traitor, and should be executed."

Gee, and they say Ann Coulter is an extremist!

Michael Markowitz said...

Dick Cheney walked into Irving Libby's office and said, "The President told me to tell you to leak these classified documents."

If the President did NOT tell Cheney that, Cheney is guilty of treason, a death penalty offense.

That's not Coulter-esque extremism. That's a fact, isn't it? Seriously, you see that, don't you?