Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'll Just Sit Motionless Until Then

"A major product recall, we'll tell you how to save your eyesight, tonight at 11."

-- KNBC-TV promo


gina said...

Oh my eyes, my EYES!

norm said...

Those little teases are actually shortening my life, because when I see them I go out of my way to avoid the news show they're trying to hook me into.
Out of spite, I would lose my eyesight.

Then again, when my wife makes me watch those stories, they're usually something earth shattering like, "Pointy sticks are being recalled after Studies show poking a stick in your eye can impair visual acuity by 25% to 97%"

Michael Markowitz said...

Gina, LOL!

Norm, well, in this case of course, I knew they were talking about the Renu solution that could blind you with a fungal infection... but what if I didn't? And in the two hours between the promo and the news I used the Renu solution on my eyes?

When Kent Brockman on The Simpsons said a popular soft drink is actually a deadly poison, we'll tell you which one at eleven, I laughed. But it's quite serious. They really do that, and they shouldn't.

I saw one promo where they talked about parking garage safety tips that could save your life... all next week! YIKES!!!