Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm Going To Try To Do This Without Spoilers... But Be Warned

If you watched America's Next Top Model last night, you saw a challenge that could only have been designed by a sadistic monster. And that only a true sociopath could win. (Fortunately, a true sociopath was on the premises, and really shone.)

Then the girls got a lecture on the importance of temperance from Janice Dickinson. Once again, they got a lecture on temperance from Janice Dickinson. Because apparently Courtney Love was unavailable.

If you watched, you also saw a truly beautiful, sexy, shy, intelligent young woman -- someone who anyone would be lucky to have as their daughter or sister or friend -- sent home disappointed but with her head held high. She was awkward in competition, but she was noble in "defeat."

She may not have been "fierce" enough for Tyra's cult, but I nominate her for America's Next Top Role Model.


norm said...

I liked that girl too.
But, I'm becoming concerned that my life is being shortened by the stress of worrying about the fate of people voted off of these shows.
Will they go on and have careers in their chosen and/or related fields?
Will their inventions be picked up by another company? (or be ripped off ?)
And it's not just the "voting people off" shows.
Will the guys who swap their wives for crazy women, really treat them better after it's all said and done?
Will all the people on dating/marrying shows, really stay in love for ever and ever?
I don't think I'll have a good night's sleep ever again, unless I can get the answers to these questions.

Michael Markowitz said...

You mention Inventors, which reminds me... I watched last night against my better judgement. The first hour was a complete waste of time. Half of it was stuff we've seen before, half of it was stuff that was better than what made it through, with no hint of why they rejected it.

norm said...

Yeah, I skimmed through the first hour.
I can't believe how thin they're trying to spread this thing.
I can repeat some of the bits word for word.

I brought up the inventions because the guy who was let go last night should win in the end.
I expect his invention will do well in the real world and he should make tons of money.
But, I wonder if he's taken out a patent or anything to protect himself.
Even if he has, I still think he may get ripped off if he doesn't act fast.
I also wonder why they matched apples and oranges in these elimination rounds.
Why not three exercise/sports related products instead of a sports product, an umbrella and a shovel?

Michael Markowitz said...

Oh, there's no rhyme or reason to the structure of this thing... Or at least I've given up trying to parse it. And if I watch this week (which is a big if) I will know better than to watch the first hour.

As for ripping him off, I don't know much about patent law, but I do know TV, and I can't believe they'd let him on the show without his signing eight thousand forms cutting the production company and the network in on a piece of any future profits. (Just as in American Idol). So if anyone steals from the Sackmaster, they'll have lots of attorneys to deal with.