Thursday, April 20, 2006

"The Last Two Nights Exclusively Online!"

That is the lipstick NBC is putting on its latest pig.

The network yanked
Celebrity Cooking Chazurai off the air for the last two nights of its scheduled five-night run. Hey, I understand if no one's watching, but this is the same network that cancelled Last Comic Standing with one episode to go. Earlier this year, Fox cancelled Reunion -- which is essentially a miniseries -- without bothering to wrap it up, and another show (I forget which one) got cancelled after the first half of a two-parter. Last year, Fox cancelled a couple of its reality shows mid-stream.

A TV network does have a responsibility to its shareholders and its advertisers, and I personally am happy that
The Office is on tonight instead of a cooking show I'm not watching.

But even so, there is such a thing as a pact with an audience. NBC made a certain promise to some folks for the last three nights. It's not their fault there weren't enough of them. And there may be even fewer next time NBC promises a "special week-long event."

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Sean Tisdall said...

Sounds like the cancellation of Bonus Stage.