Friday, April 07, 2006

A Modest Proposal

If enough of us stipulate that we will never, ever take a cruise... and that even if we do take a cruise, we will never, ever do it on Iggy Pop's cruise line, do you think we could force them to stop advertising?


Ellen said...

I don't get cruises.
Especially now with all of the disappearing newlywed stories on Dateline and 20/20 every other week.

Seriously, I went on a cruise in my 20's, and I hated it. There was food announced every twenty minutes it seemed. After eating a huge dinner, who the heck was ready for the "Midnight Chicken Wings Wing-Ding"??

To make matters worse, the friend that I went with, locked me out of the room so she could fool around with one of the busboys.

I had to wander around the deck watching newlyweds gazing at the moon, while my pal was having a schtup-fest.

I am so tired of that song, too.
More like "Lust for the Buffet" if you ask me.

Michael Markowitz said...

Especially since the song, as I've always understood it, is about meeting a dealer. All the ads have done is taught me that a lot of real obnoxious tools ride these cruises and I would hate to be stuck on a ship with them.

There's a hotel (in Glendale, I think) that duplicates the "cruise experience." In other words, they have endless buffets in the corridors. Sounds dreadful. Also sounds like a racket outside your door when you're trying to sleep.

peeky said...

cruises are giant floating restaurants. also, whatever you do, don't go over your room with an ultraviolet light for traces of previous visitors. a cruise is good for (old) people who want to see different places and only unpack once.

Michael Markowitz said...

I am one of those who would suggest not going over ANY place in the world with an ultraviolet light.