Thursday, April 13, 2006

My God, That's 27 Top Chefs!

"Nine celebrities, each with the help of three top chefs..."

-- Promo for NBC's Celebrity Cooking Showdown


peeky said...

is that a total of 36 people? (math isn't my strong suit)

"celebrities" by the way.

Michael Markowitz said...

Even in my advanced state of pop culture consumption, I have never heard of some of the "celebrities."

And since the three "top chefs" are Wolfgang Puck and two other people, and the Today Show had eight "top chefs" and Bravo has a bunch of "top chefs"... we seem to have a national surplus of top chefs.

Paul Israelson said...

And where does one go to nominate a candidate for the title of "Top Chef"?

Is there a "Top Chef" awards show scheduled for next year on The Food Network?

How would the judges be selected?

Would Billy Crystal host the festivities?