Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Question You Should Ask

On Wednesday, the Washington Post ran a front page story exposing a long-buried, secret U.S. government field report from those who inspected the "biolab" trailers in Iraq. You know, the ones where the biological weapons were supposedly being made? The ones we seized, and Bush and Cheney and Powell, for almost a year, went around saying this was the smoking gun?

Turns out, not so smoky. The trailers had nothing whatsoever to so with weapons.

And these documents prove the administration knew it beforehand.

Knowing full well the trailers had nothing to do with biological weapons, the President and Vice President went on television and said they were weapons labs. Just as they had proof about the aluminum tubes and the uranium, but chose to lie about that, too.

If you are someone who gets his or her news from television, did you know about this story in the Post until just now?

If not, here's the question you should ask: Why are the media telling you more about the Duke lacrosse team than about these trailers in Iraq?

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