Thursday, April 13, 2006

Random TV Thoughts


I've seen a couple of articles lately wondering why the
Lost audience doesn't stick around for Invasion. Perhaps because Lost is one of the best shows in TV history, and Invasion was a great pilot that has become a ludicrous, boring slog that changes its own rules week after week.

It started out as Invasion of the Body Snatchers in the Everglades. That was fun. But soon it became apparent that some of the snatched knew they were snatched, others didn't, some were evil, some were good, but they all went to the same meetings. What was discussed if they weren't on the same page? Meanwhile, the aliens are invading the Earth, they're doing military training on an island, but our military is helping them. Oy. I've given up on it.

Meanwhile, Lost proved last night that it still has the capacity to astonish. The secret Rose and Locke shared dropped my jaw.

On to
Prison Break. If they ever actually break out of that prison -- which is starting to look it's going to happen without me watching -- could I ask a favor? Could their first stop be to slit the throat of whoever's responsible for the show Teachers?

Also, did you notice that the lady prison doctor was model gorgeous all season? But now that we found out last week she's a recovering addict, this week she had droopy heroin hair?

And why does no one on Numb3rs ever turn to David Krumholz and say, "What the fuck are you babbling about now?" Not one thing he says ever makes any scientific sense or has any relation to what they're investigating. Criminal Minds is a much better show, and involves actual investigative work.

And one more thing: How glad am I that the hottest lawyer on TV, the brunette on Conviction, also has the most borderline-inappropriate wardrobe on TV?

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