Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Reason There is So Much in the Newspapers About Katie Couric Taking Over the CBS Evening News... because people who write for newspapers are the only ones left who actually still care about the network evening news.

These are shows no one watches.
They're a relic from another era. I have never heard the words "CBS Evening News" come out of a non-electronic mouth ever in my lifetime.

I greet word that Katie Couric is going to host the CBS Evening News the same way I would if I heard she was going to host Nashville Star or Al Jazeera... Good luck, I'll never see you again.

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gina said...

I think you're absolutely right - she'll be watched less on the news than she was on Today. I don't watch either, but I think I don't watch the news even more than I don't watch Today. If that's possible. She's one of those people I just don't get.