Sunday, April 09, 2006

Second Generation Duckman

When we were doing Duckman, the actress who played Fluffy & Uranus was the wonderful and talented Pat Musick.

Sometimes, if we were lucky, she would bring her beautiful little daughter, Mae Whitman, to the recording sessions. Mae was such a cute and charming girl, and was a talented actress in her own right.

Well, I've watched with awe as Mae has grown into a remarkable adult, and one of the most gifted actresses on television. On Arrested Development, and especially on the extraordinary new FX series Thief, she has shown amazing range and power. I hope audiences will remember her name, and that Emmy voters will as well.


gina said...

Did she play George Michael's girlfriend, Plain -- I mean Ann? ;) If so, you're right - she's very good!

I realized that I was missing Thief when I saw an ad for the next new episode the other night. The trailers had me intrigued (and Andre Braugher was my favorite part of Homicide) but then it flew off my television radar. Thanks for the reminder that it's on, Mike!

Michael Markowitz said...

Yes, she was "That Ann" or "Ann, Who? Ann"

And you're welcome.