Friday, April 14, 2006

The Slate "Debate" Irritates Russ's Vowel

My good friend and master blogger Russell Arch alerted us all that a creepy Century 21 commercial had hit the airwaves showing a wife and her realtor browbeating a poor sap into buying a house.

A few weeks later, Slate did a column on the ad, linking to a video ... but the link led to Russ's blog, and without even a little "hey, thanks for the bandwidth" action. And in the Slate column they actually "borrowed" phrases from Russ's post. Pretty lame.

Go to Russ's blog -- Irritable Vowel Syndrome -- to read more. (But hurry back here.)


norm said...

Since I'm a cyber stalker and I click on everyone's name to see who they are, how much they make and what blood type they have, I've been to Russ' site and watched that commercial.
What makes me very sad, is my step daughter saw that ad and got mad at me for calling the woman a harpy.
She sneered at me and pretty much called me a misogynist for even bringing it up.
The funny thing is, my step-daughter is currently trying to brow beat my wife and I into buying a new house.
My step-daughter saw no irony in this...and I'm too afraid to point it out.

Michael Markowitz said...

Norm, get to a shelter. Now.