Thursday, April 13, 2006


I've written about the Slingbox. But now I have one. And it's awesome.

I only mention this because, as with the early days of TiVo, I'm surprised by how many people have never heard of Slingbox.

I paid for my Slingbox myself, and I get no compensation for saying this: it took just a few effortless minutes to set up, and it does exactly what it's supposed to.

Earlier I had a little time to kill between appointments, so I relaxed outside Starbucks, watching my TiVo at home. How cool is that?

Of course for now it only works with my Windows laptop, but Mac support is coming later this year, and Windows Mobile software is already here.

If you're thinking about getting this thing, get this thing.


Russell Arch said...

This is one of those products that's almost its own worst enemy. I see what they claim it can do... I just don't believe it can do what it says it can do.

If it can do what it says it can do. What am I doing without one?

Michael Markowitz said...

That's why I wanted to post this. Because I knew it would be difficult for people to understand that it really does what it says it does. But it REALLY DOES!

I remember when I got my first ReplayTV (which was among the first), and no one could understand what it did when I described it to them. I had to draw a diagram for one person before he could understand the concept of starting to watch a show WHILE you were recording it!

Anyway, most reviews are full of specs and tech I don't care about. I care about one thing: Does it really do that? This really does.