Saturday, April 08, 2006

Two of the Worst Ideas Ever... Seriously, EVER

Techeblog has a list of the strangest gadgets out there -- and I mean out there -- and these two are my favorites. And by "favorites" I mean "who on Earth would buy this?"

First is a $601 laptop bag made of synthetic human skin, complete with ink and piercings. (There's one member of the Duke lacrosse team who'd probably like that, actually.)

Then there's the $900 LCD screen in a car headlight, so you can show DVD's to...uh... no one?


Ellen said...

First of all, may I say:

The DVD in the headlights?
What the....?

I would love to have a scrolling message strip in my rear window, especially to tell those annoying tailgaters to please leave the recommended space between us.

Although, I wouldn't be that polite about it. Just trying to be ladylike in your comment box.

Michael Markowitz said...

First of all, no need to be ladylike.

Second of all:

gina said...
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gina said...

Oh, God, just looking at that makes me gag! Maybe the people who bought that might be interested in this:

Book Apparently Bound in Human Skin Found

I kind of like the Radio Toaster.