Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Vieira to Replace Couric

In Vieira, NBC is said to be "ecstatic" to have found someone whose eye makeup is even more hastily and heavily smeared than the departing Couric's.


Ellen said...

$15 million a year?? To be a newsreader? WTF??
Weren't Dan Rather and Peter Jennings actual journalists?

I suppose the only good thing I can say about Katie Couric is that she did get me and the husb to get colonoscopies.

Michael Markowitz said...

Well, she was an actual journalist, in fact the Pentagon correspondent, back in the day. The more compelling question is why hire a 49-year-old woman to bring 18-49 year olds to a show they don't watch? Why not rethink the whole Evening News concept? Frankly, they'd be smarter to just put the Daily Show on the network in its place.

I think Katie is just someone they've wanted for so long the wanting took on a life of its own, without any thought or realism.

peeky said...

I, too, wonder why the worst reader in the western hemisphere has been picked to be a very important and highly-compensated reader?

On another note, with Meredith Vieira (sp) leaving The View, there will be practically nothing to keep Joy Behar from murdering Star Jones and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Oh, and Patricia Heaton, who apparently is replacing Meredith and is also horrible.

Michael Markowitz said...

Oh my God, each show is choosing the only person worse than the one leaving it. The View will become like Batman's Rogue's Gallery.... but with more makeup.

Sydelle Pearl said...

I had heard from a pretty reliable source that the frontrunners for Meredith's slot were Soledad O’Brien or some woman from Telemundo. Maybe that's changed though.