Tuesday, April 11, 2006

When the President Says, "I Have the Right to Declassify Documents"

Remember three things that the media is doing a horrible job of clarifying. Not one word of the three items below is in dispute, not even from Republicans:

1. Libby's leaking was before the President declassified the document. There is a procedure involved in declassifying a document, and it involves notifying the CIA. The President did this in late July. Libby leaked to Judith Miller in early July. Even if you believe that by virtue of saying something, the President declassifies it, this is not a case of the President saying it. This is a case of Bush telling Cheney to tell Libby to tell Miller secretly to write it.

2. The material he declassified in July was material he had known since January was untrue.

3. MOST IMPORTANT: The material Bush declassified in late July -- and leaked in early July -- was in two parts: the uranium part and the aluminum tubes part. The President instructed Cheney/Libby to hold back the aluminum tubes part, because it would reveal he knew he was lying in the State of the Union address.

Remember: We now know he was lying -- not mistaken -- in the State of the Union address about the aluminum tubes. It was at Karl Rove's insistence that he lie, in order to win the election, according to documents uncovered last week. He had the proof the story was untrue, and chose to suppress it. One of his many chances to come clean about it was in that moment, when he leaked that document.

He chose to hold that part of the document back to cover his ass. That is very serious, IMHO. People died over that lie.

Just remember those three things the next time the President talks about himself as a giver of truth.


peeky said...

yes, but, but, but clinton lied too. other people have lied! true, their lies didn't result in thousands of unnecessary deaths, a bankrupt economy, loss of respect worldwide, etc. still...

Paul Israelson said...

Impeachment proceedings start tomorrow.

Michael Markowitz said...

Well, the good news is the White House is full of people who believe the Rapture is coming, so why worry?

norm said...

Do you ever feel like you're in an episode of Perry Mason and you're at the part where Perry's won big and the bad guy (in this case Bush) is totally hosed.

All that's left is the judge's pronouncement of "Guilty!" and then the closing credits.

But, this time the judge just quotes Danny DeVito from "Johnny Dangerously"

"You've got no case. It's flimsy. It'll never stand up. Not in a court of law..."

Then the judge and Bush go off and have sex with the hot stenographer while you and Perry look at each other like, "WTF?"

Michael Markowitz said...

LOL... So true... Fortunately Fitzgerald turned down the prize wonderland that could have been his if he'd "Just Play Along"