Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yeah, Kellie Semi-Butchered It, But I Don't Care

Kellie started well, ended horribly, but our President could learn a thing or two from her: she admitted her mistake -- overstating it, in fact -- was contrite, sincere, and I forgive her. I hope she gets another week. (If anything, we know Rod Stewart has selected his next wife.)

Paris, on the other hand... Oh, Paris. I can forgive being flat for "a cigarette that bears a lipstick's" but I cannot forgive taking a breath before "traces."

Is it a double standard to want Paris to go home for a few minor mistakes and forgive Kellie for major mistakes? Sure. But I like Kellie, and I love her attitude. Paris, meanwhile, makes me want to cover my TV with garlic and holy water. (The Satan Airways flight attendant uniform didn't help.)

And then there's Ace. I imagine Clay Aiken was sitting at home, watching Ace, and thinking, "What an unbelievable pussy." But then again, I imagine Dame Edna was thinking the same thing. Ace has got to go. Fortunately, his head has been pre-lubed, so he should leave the studio with a silent delivery.

Katharine was awesome, Taylor some distance behind. But this is the first time I've ever actually enjoyed Taylor.

Chris and Elliott were good, too. Ordinarily I completely agree with Simon, but this week I must part company with him: If anything, Elliott was all personality this week.

One more thing. A note to Katharine, and to any aspiring Idols reading this: She was poorly served by her director this week. You want to pick your moments as far as looking into the camera goes. For a singer, knowing which camera is on you is something you often want to keep to yourself.

If I know the camera to my right is on me, that doesn't mean I turn to my right... Far from it. It may mean I look straight ahead, but tilted slightly up and to the right, so I'm caught in a flattering profile. In fact, saving a look at the camera for the end can make it mean more. (Although it can still come off cheesy.)

But Katharine was either directed to keep whipping her head from camera to camera like a news anchor, or not directed not to. Either way, it was the only flaw in an otherwise magical performance.

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