Monday, May 29, 2006

Can the Cone of Silence Be Far Behind?

Time has the story of the possible invention of a "cloak of invisibility." It has something to do with meta-material and electromagnetism. Haven't we all learned recently not to monkey with electromagnets?

I always had an idea for an Invisible House. If I lived in one of those houses in Malibu on the PCH, I think I would train an HD camera on the beach behind my house, and then cover the highway side of my house with a huge TV screen that shows the live picture of what's behind it. Voila: the house, she is no longer there.

Of course, the downside is, when I trained my camera on the girl next door doing yoga on her deck, thousands of commuters would know.

1 comment:

norm said...

Speaking of those houses on the PCH, they've always bugged me.
I feel like I'm driving down a really wide back alley when I go by there.