Friday, May 26, 2006

Cats and Bird Flu

Yet another good reason to keep your cat indoors: the ASPCA has a simple FAQ on how to keep your feline friends safe from bird flu. Bottom line: keep them inside where it's (I hope) unlikely they'll eat raw bird parts.


Ken Levine said...

Hey, Mike,

That's my cat. How'd you get him to pose for YOU?

iwrote1 said...

The shame of it is that many people let their cats run wild or allow them to come and go as they please. While a cat can certainly catch it from eating an infected bird, they could just as easily catch it from walking over an infected birds droppings, and you know how cats love to lick their paws clean.

There's also a potential problem with some cat lovers who take their love to exremes by kissing their cats face, and/or sleeping with them on their beds and pillows where they are breathing or drooling in close proximity of their owners mouth.

But to be fair, you also have to consider that it's possible for your dogs to bring it into the home in the same manner if they track through an infected birds feces.

And how about those people who own pet birds such as parrots or cockatiels and let them pick food from their teeth? Although it's not as likely your pet bird will get it from a wild bird, they could get it from other pets in the home and then spread it directly into the humanoids in the house through this rather thrifty though quite bizarre dental practice.

That's why the only pet that I'll considered safe is a "sea monkey."