Saturday, May 06, 2006

Clip of the Week


norm said...

Y'know, I keep watching this, over and over...
and then I wait, expecting the Heavens to open and flaming hot shit to rain down on the houses of Bush Rumsfeld and the others.

I just keep watching and waiting and waiting...

Michael Markowitz said...

As Bill Maher and other "unofficial news sources" have pointed out, this man wasn't some crank, or even just a former CIA analyst... He was the daily briefer for President George H.W. Bush! Why didn't the news media make that point?

If you go over to Russ Arch's blog there is a shocking montage from network news reports that boils the clip you just watched down to Rumsfeld "standing his ground" against a couple of hippies and an old coot. It's nauseating.

peeky said...

worst of all, we'll have to listen to future generations ask "how come nobody saw through (all) those idiots?" which is like having to endure people commenting on how ugly 80s clothes were and how hideous the mullet hairdo was, as if it's a new discovery, when plenty of us knew how ugly and dumb it was back THEN. don't we get any points? please resolved this. thank you.

Michael Markowitz said...

Peeky, I don't know what we're going to tell future generations. We look at the people interviewed in "Shoah" and think, "Wow... I mean, how stupid can you be? Didn't you see there was a genocide going on? Why didn't you do something?"

And then we ignore Darfur, do nothing to get off oil, leave our ports exposed, our cities incapable of evacuation, and despoil our planet... all while we chase our tails on immigration, as you pointed out.

Oh, and the estate tax. Super-important.

You could not have convinced the ancient Romans that the world would not always look like ancient Rome. You could not have convinced the Victorians that the world would not always look like garden parties and cobblestone streets. And you could not have convinced a 1920's or 1940's New Yorker that Times Square and London would someday look like Tokyo or Hong Kong.

And if we don't do something, and our children and grandchildren grow up in a world that looks like "Blade Runner" or "Soylent Green" or "Brazil" what future will they be unable to imagine?

norm said...

I feel like a Russian in the 80s saying "Hey, you think we all believe Pravda?"

I liked Bradley Whitford on Real Time and his exchanges with James Gilmore.
Especially the one where Gilmore tried to slip from Iraq to 9/11 and Whitmore kept asking "What does 9/11 have to do with Iraq?"

Unfortunately, the best that line of questioning ever produces is silence.
It never gets a real answer.

Michael Markowitz said...

Gilmore flatly refused to answer that question the six times it was asked. And he's not even one of the really bad guys.