Saturday, May 20, 2006

For Those Of You Who Watch The Apprentice, a Quick Poll:

Would it be more fun to pick Allie up by the ankles and use her to beat Roxanne to death, or the other way around?


Anonymous said...

Let's face it, Roxanne can take Allie any day. For some reason Trump fired all the candidates with any brains. All that is left is two goofy women, a Brit with no command of the Queen's English and a kid whose his skills are more apropos to manning a lemonade stand. The candidates that are left couldn't rise to mediocre if they tried.

peeky said...

I watched the last 15 minutes of last night's show. My capsule review:

Ali was compleatly horrible and tedious (and to be fair, also edited to be as horrible as possible). Everybody else was pretty horrible, too, but Ali has that sibilant way of speaking that sometimes causes spontaneous insanity in listeners.

The two women lost and were very hesitant and unwilling to trash each other, which isn't very interesting television, so Donald provoked and prodded them until they began arguing, and then he and his daughter Trumpella accused them of disloyalty.

It's fun watching these hyper-ambitious nerd-loons try to navigate their way through Donald's contrary logic du jour. They waste a lot of energy trying to figure out what he wants to hear, which appears to change hourly.

Michael Markowitz said...

Peeky, far be it from me to suggest that your observation that Allie was done wrong by editing and by Trump is perhaps fueled by the fact that you only watched the last fifteen minutes, but...

You missed the part of the show where Allie was ENTIRELY responsible for the loss.

Allie is a sociopath and a monster. I despise Roxanne, and STILL Allie actually had me feeling bad for Roxanne for most of the hour. You can only do so much with editing. Allie truly is a bad person.

In fairness to Donald, he sat in near-total silence for much of the boardroom, just glaring at this unbelievable spectacle. And Allie was FAR from hesitant to trash Roxanne. She jumped right in with trashing Roxanne, though Roxanne was trying really hard not to say anything bad about Allie, who was completely responsible for the loss.

I do admit that Roxanne was provoked, and as much as I hate her, she was poked by Allie so much she had no choice but to fight back. However, she is such a horrid person she got what she deserved.

The fact that in the last sentence, Allie can say that at least they didn't attack each other's character and they preserved their dignity shows how insane she is.

I'm for Lee, but I'd be okay with Sean. As long as the witches are dead, I'm happy.

peeky said...

True, all true, I didn't see enough to develop a mature and informed Allie-hate. But I do agree that she was an A-Number-One Irritant who needed banishment, and I only wish she had gotten yelled at a little more before the giant cane came out. (Mwah ha ha.)