Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Guy Walks Into the BBC...

Cabdriver Guy Goma shows up at the BBC News channel for an interview in the IT department. A rushed staffer asks him, "Are you Guy? Are you here for the interview?"

He says, "Yes." Because he is.

He's put into makeup and shown to the news set, where Guy Kewney is to be interviewed on the Apple/Apple lawsuit. Confused, but obliging, Mr. Goma plays along as best he can, despite English being his second language. Meanwhile, Mr. Kewney sits in the green room, doubtless doing an Earl Grey spit take.

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Sean Tisdall said...

If fellow Edmontonian Marshall McLuhan were here, he'd praise such a cool personality, matching the medium. There was so much ambiguity that people were able to draw their own conclusions, and the infromation, while less complete, was able to contribute to the debate regardless.

Plus it was funny when Guy did the double take after being described as publisher of an internet magazine.