Sunday, May 21, 2006

I Took the Windows-on-a-Mac Plunge

Yesterday I installed Windows XP on my MacBook Pro. It was a leap of faith, a little like pouring a cup of polluted water into a crystalline stream. But at least for the next few months, there are a couple of programs I need Windows for. So I closed my eyes and went for it.

Using Boot Camp, the process went perfectly. The MacBook was blazingly fast as a Mac, and it's now also the fastest Windows laptop I've ever had. (Of course, part of that is that I installed just the OS, and not all the crap that usually comes loaded onto a laptop.)

Anyway, as wrong as it feels to look at a Mac with an XP screen, it's come in damn handy several times. I needed some Windows files from some old Zip discs (remember those?) and it was so nice not to have to change computers. And for those of you with a Slingbox, until they come out with Mac software, the software works perfectly on a MacBook running XP.

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