Friday, May 12, 2006

I'd Like To Poke the Eye With a Stick

Did anyone else see the Survivor promo that followed last night's cliffhanger episode? The one that, unless I'm mistaken, completely gave away the result of the cliffhanging? What were they thinking???


gina said...

The same thing that the folks over at ABC were thinking when they showed Michael with his arm in a sling in the previews right after they ended with him shooting himself. Maybe it's me, but at that moment I was convinced that Michael had shot himself in the heart, not the arm. Grrr.

Michael Markowitz said...


Oh, I definitely don't watch the Lost promos at all... They're spoiler-riffic. But the Survivor next-week-ons are usually done by the production company, and are usually good. This was a CBS promo, and I could strangle whoever did it. Not to mention I am not happy with what appears to be the result they gave away.