Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Idol... What Can I Say?

You know the drill. I love Katharine, hate Paris, on the fence about Elliott. All of their second songs were worlds better than their first, IMHO. Paris murdered one of my favorite songs, perhaps forever. Honey, I've heard Prince, Tom Jones and the Art of Noise. You ain't Prince, Tom Jones and the Art of Noise.

(Also, "to be my boy" doesn't rhymye with "world." Just grow up and sing "girl" ferchrissake.)

Chris sang "Renegade" which, coupled with his earlier Creed performance, proves he is the best singer with the worst CD collection in the world.

Simon's right. Taylor is, as always, like someone's drunk uncle got hold of the mike at a wedding. Plus someone should tell him there's a point at which paisley gets so big it becomes planaria.

If there is a Supreme Being, Paris will be taken out behind the barn tonight. But I have a feeling poor Elliott will instead feel the wrath of Cingular.


Tosy And Cosh said...

"Girl" doesn't rhyme with "World" either, though.

gina said...

So there is a Supreme Being!

Michael Markowitz said...

I know, Gina! It's fantastic! Now Paris can do what she was born to do: be the freakish singer in TV-movie scenes depicting decadent Berlin nightclubs of the '20's and '30's with Felliniesque patrons.

Between that, Alias, and Lost it was the ultimate night of OMG-TV