Thursday, May 11, 2006


Hey, Chris has no bigger fan than me, but since America is determined to keep Taylor in the competition, last night was the right time for him to go, IMHO. Elliott was the best performer Tuesday night, and Chris was easily the worst. He's become dull, almost a parody of himself. And the sunglasses didn't help.

But now is the time, folks. Taylor's gotta go. Yeah, he's goofy and lovable, but no one is ever going to buy an album by this guy. Elliott for runner-up, Katharine for Idol. Anything else is rdiculous.


Mr. Jones said...

oh. my. god. you are not serious. i hate to say it, but you may have just lost me forever. that girl was HORRORBALL on tuesday!!!! she's absolutely awful. her voice has no bottom, she was manic and unfocused and the endless runs and trills were ridiculous. just sing the dang song, already! but alas, she can't. she's not capable because she doesn't have the chops.

now, you may not like taylor. in fact, you may even be right that he's not typical idol material. but he has more character and talent in his unfortunate spare tire than katharine mcphee has in her poorly draped tits and ass any day. i couldn't stand chris, but he was ten times the performer she was last tuesday, and she knew it, too. did you not see her face?

my friend, lust has blinded you.

Michael Markowitz said...

Hey, that is why Ben & Jerry make so many flavors, senor. I would argue that those lusty boobs are a lagnappe... that her beautiful smile and her endless range and pure tone are the stuff stars are made of. Whereas Taylor is one step away from overalls and blowing into a jug with 3 X's on it.

I thought her second song was a thousand times better than either of his or Chris's. I also was reminded throughout the show of how sick to death I am of Elvis songs (except during Elliott's performances.) So I am perhaps not the typical fan.

But again, if everyone thought the same, there'd be no need for both butter and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. I will be covering myself with the former for as long as Kat is on screen.

Russell Arch said...

McPhee forgot the 1st rule of singing... remember the words. She's attractive and can sing... but has no stage presence OR memory.

Meanwhile, Elliot has taken a page from Clay Aiken and improved every week, while letting professional stylists make him look like a star.

Russell Arch said...
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peeky said...

I haven't been watching the show, but wasn't there a Nanny named McPhee? Not sure if I can get behind that.

Michael Markowitz said...

Russ, with all due respect, let's not lose our minds. She lost her place on half of one line. It happens a lot on Idol, and happens to every singer. Clay Aiken had several "lyric malfunctions" and it didn't disqualify him. Taylor forgot most of the first verse Wednesday night, and he has not been disqualified.

If lyric-remembering were Job One for singers, so many professional singers -- including Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen and Elton John -- wouldn't use teleprompters during concerts.

As for stage presence, that's a matter of personal taste. Mr. Jones thinks she's manic, and you think she's boring. I am in the middle. That's what makes horse racing.