Sunday, May 07, 2006

"It's Lobster! Powdered Lobster is Made Out of Lobster! You've Gotta Tell Them!"

According to a press release, "The first company to convert whole lobster into powder has launched its product onto the world market."

"Natural Seafoods, Inc. has a Salvadorean partner who fishes for these creatures and harvests them straight into a powerful turbine that converts them into lobster powder completely ready to add to soups, sauces and other gourmet dishes. It is natural red in color and has the taste and odor of pure lobster."

"They are in fact producing it in 500 mg capsules for consumers to add as a nutritional supplement. The company has combined the powder with traditional dishes such as lobster newburg, lobster fried rice, lobster curry powder and even spicy lobster rolls for sushi lovers."

Nightmarish? Sure, but horribly, nutritiously convenient, too! Just the thing for when you're watching your TV Lobster.


Sean Tisdall said...

Speaking of which it is now lobster season at the resaturant at which I work. They aren't as quick witted as my television had led me to believe. Also, the price of lobster is up this year according to the Chef.

That's all the lobster related news I have for you as of yet.

Michael Markowitz said...

I loves me some lobster.

But not powdered, and not furry.

Sean Tisdall said...

Powdered lobster would work fine if you're making a bisque. We serve frozen lobsters on occasion. Have to, because we can't cook them after they die.

Michael Markowitz said...

Oh make no mistake, I don't eat fresh lobster. I can't eat food that was living just moments before. Plus I lack the dexterity needed for lobstering in social situations.

I like bisque, and Asia de Cuba has lobster in its mashed potatoes (!)


gina said...

I am the designated lobster killer in my family. We have a lobster night at our place in Maine every year, with fresh dug steamers and corn on the cob, etc., and I'm the lucky one who gets to steam the the lobsters alive. Last year they were really alive when I put them in and they knocked the lid right off of the pot! I had to hold the lid down for about 30 seconds or so as they rattled around inside. It was horrifying. Until I tasted them.

Lobster in mashed potatoes?? That must be what they serve in heaven. And since the lobsters are already dead, it's humane!

Michael Markowitz said...

gina, if you ever come to l.a., and promise to teach me how to eat (already dead) lobster, I will buy you a big bowl of lobster mashed potatoes. We will eat ourselves into a carb coma.

I am a corn expert on the bbq. My technique is buttering the corn in the husk, and using the husk as a handle. The corn practically pops inside.

gina said...

It's a deal. And I know where you can get some wicked good Maine lobster if you ever find yourself out this way.

Michael Markowitz said...

I will have a Dharma initiative bib custom made for the occasion.