Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Jake Effect

The never-before-seen (at least by me) pilot for The Jake Effect, starring Jason Bateman, Greg Grunberg and Nikki Cox, is available online at Brilliant But Cancelled. A 6-episode marathon also airs tonight on Bravo.


Ellen said...

I am so thrilled they put "Brilliant But Cancelled" on iTunes.

It used to be on my fave cable channel, Trio, but the whole channel got cancelled.

I watched "Johnny Staccato", which I had never seen. They also showed unaired pilots and I hope they'll do that again soon, too.

Michael Markowitz said...

Just my luck: I got DirecTV specifically because I wanted Trio and then... well, you know the rest.

Ellen said...

That's a recurring joke in my house:
"Well, you know the rest....."

I'll start and old Borscht Belt joke, but never finish it and say.....

Silly me!

Paul Israelson said...

That reminds me of "yada yada"

norm said...

You know, I was in junior high before I heard the end of the chicken crossing the road joke.

The "Well, you know the rest..." thing reminded me of that.