Sunday, May 28, 2006

Odds & Sods

I'm terrified of the media world, a place where Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters are considered "warm." Instead of what I consider them: icy, brittle, and scary.

Why does Chris Matthews insist on pronouncing the Vice President's name as "Cheeeney" whenever he reads it off the prompter?

Why does there have to be this huge time gap between The Apprentice and Big Brother?

The fatal flaw of the TV Guide Channel, IMHO, is that it's an anachronism. In the age of TiVo, we haven't all watched the same shows at the same time. So shows where people sit around and dish about what happened on TV are just not appetizing, because we're not all on the same page anymore. I used to like the TV Guide podcasts, but once I fell behind in my viewing, they just became spoilerfests without warnings, so I bagged them.

Even though Idol is over, after two weeks of blaming Katharine for songs she didn't choose, I think the judges should just keep it going. They should keep calling her at home and blaming her for other things out of her control. Like the war. Or the weather.

Speaking of the weather, I agree with Roger Ebert: It doesn't seem fair that one X-Man just has metal nails, while another can literally change the weather.

I am, as regular readers know, a loyal Democrat. Bill Clinton is one of my heroes. But Hillary Clinton is not even remotely a Democrat.

Speaking of which, I remind everyone that Bush, Cheney and Rice focused entirely on Iraq invasion plans at their first meeting post-election with William Cohen. Before 9/11. And it was President Bush who leaked the NSA wiretap story, almost five years ago, and then assured the public it wasn't true. Just remember those two things, and you'll see that nearly everything else this administration has said since is, by definition, a lie.

I just happened to see Spiderman and Fantastic Four, and I think we should strictly prohibit the sale of metal head masks to billionaires. And a non-movie mask question: who buys clear plastic face masks besides criminals? Why do they even make them?

After seeing the hilarious Jake Effect on Bravo, I'm dying to know what was put on the air instead of this brilliant show.

I will watch almost anything in HD, given a choice.

With the stroke of the President's pen, he can now invalidate any law, search any home without reason, imprison any citizen without cause, torture and execute anyone without a trial, and eavesdrop on any phone call without a warrant. But searching the office of a congressman filmed taking a bribe? An outrageous abuse of Executive Branch power, according to Congress. Nice to know who they care about.

And I'm s
till bothered by the dead girls in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercials.


Sean Tisdall said...

With the splintering of media, McLuhan might say that we've moved back to public society from mass society. Valid point?

Michael Markowitz said...

I've always wanted to ask you: Are you reading this blog in English, or is someone translating it for you?

Yank said...

good blog..

Sean Tisdall said...

I'm a Canadian... So yes.