Monday, May 29, 2006

The Pubic Library: Slowest News Day Ever, Unluckiest Perv Ever, Skeeviest Reporter Ever, Strangest Video Ever


norm said...

I could have sworn this thing was fake.
The interview with the perv's parents was...unbelievable.

And the line, "He can't even trust himself..." was a classic.

Neil said...

What a slimeball. The reporter I mean, not the kid.

Grubber said...

Large expanses of water like the Pacific ocean make me feel much safer.

Michael Markowitz said...

grubber, unless of course, a dingo eats your baby. ;-)

Neil & Norm, I'm with you. The reporter is perhaps creepier than the kid. I mean, no question, the guy is a scummo, but were I he, I would ask, "Hey, I did what I did hoping no one would see. You, on the other hand, put on a trench coat, hid, videotaped it, and put it on TV where kids could see it. Which one of us is sicker, Pervy Perverson?"

And by the way, "right across from the children's library" is perhaps a stretch. The library looks like one big room. In other words, everything is "across the room" from everything.

But the whole report makes it seem like libraries are dens of rampant jackoffery, when in fact, they could really only find one guy in all of Cleveland. And it sure looks like they were tailing him, since they didn't have any other videos.

I hate the news.