Monday, May 29, 2006

A Suggested Idol Rule Change To Make It Fairer In the Future

So, here's a modest proposal:

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that if I wanted to buy a 2-minute ad in the middle of a Wednesday night American Idol results show with a celebrity endorser, it would cost roughly two million dollars. (I'm probably not far off.)

When Rebecca Romijn says Taylor Hicks is her favorite contestant and "spontaneously" suggests he please do another song, it is absolutely no different than if she said, "Kraft Deli Deluxe American Cheese is my favorite cheese, and here's a two-minute film on how great it is." And I'm guessing Fox wouldn't let her do that.

I'm also guessing that if some billionaire wanted to buy two-minute ads with celebrity endorsers in the same show for the other contestants, Fox wouldn't let them do that, either.

So I say, change that rule. Even the playing field.

In the future, if Idol is going to pick one contestant to get a celebrity endorsement and an extra performance -- a unique two-minute commercial -- they should offer the same chance to other contestants.

Let's give the Idol hopefuls time during the ad breaks. Two-minute spots for songs and celebrity pitches.

"Hi, I'm Jennifer Aniston, and I'd like to talk to you about my friend, Katharine McPhee..."

Or Keith Urban for a Kellie Pickler. Or Bruce Willis for an Elliott Yamin.

After all, the Ford and Coke and Cingular commercials are in the show, so it's only fair that the people in the show get to advertise during the commercial breaks.

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