Sunday, May 07, 2006

Willing to Stipulate

Look, I understand that a lot of the science of TV procedurals requires explanation, for the sake of the viewer. That's why seemingly half of each CSI consists of trained technicians who've worked countless crime scenes together saying things like, "Once I spray this chemical, the blood and semen will glow under ultraviolet light."

To which the other person should, rightfully, say, "No shit, Sherlock. I work here, too, remember?"

Honestly, imagine you worked in a cubicle with a guy who picked up every piece of paper in your inbox and, after each one, wryly said, "Hmmm.... OM-5 form... Once we fill this out, the goldenrod copy goes to human resources and the rest goes to finance." You'd be stapling his tongue to his forehead in about a week.

But hey, sometimes bad exposition (or "pipe") is necessary.

But for the sake of saving time for all us procedural viewers, can we finally agree the characters no longer need to tell us that disposable cell phones can't be traced? We get it.


gina said...

Oh, Amen!

gina said...

Oh, AMEN on that.

gina said...

Oops. I should have read the message at the top.