Wednesday, June 07, 2006

If I Weren't Still Throwing Up From What Ann Coulter Said About the 9/11 Widows, I'd be Vomiting Relentlessly Over This

"Good afternoon, or as John Kerry might say, 'Bonjour.' "

-- the way Tom Delay would begin speeches during the 2004 campaign, after the Republican National Committee issued a factsheet falsely stating John Kerry had French lineage (apparently to link him to the then-unsavory "freedom fries")

"I trust that you know Mr. Delay is French."

-- Tom Delay's spokesoman, explaining why Delay's Texas Republicans farewell dinner was held at Le Paradou, which calls itself "D.C.'s finest contemporary French restaurant." The spokeswoman also explained the seeming hypocrisy of the venue choice by positing that Le Paradou is actually not really a French restaurant, but an American restaurant. See? It's so obvious!

Presumably she then helped herself to some down-home Tartare de Saumon aux Pousses de Coriandre and Oeufs de Caille smothered in rich creamery Brioche de Crème fraîche (just like Ma used to make), licked the Caviar Osciètre off her fingers, and had a little Terrine de Foie Gras aux Abricots off'n Tom's plate.

By the way, wasn't it letting other people pick up his check that got Tom Delay in trouble in the first place?

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