Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Some Things Never Come Together, Parallel Lines Running On Forever"

With apologies to Todd Rundgren -- who along with Randy Newman, Pete Townshend, and Warren Zevon makes up the Holy Quaternity of Rock -- sometimes things do come together, and in the most unlikely ways.

I've written before about Boot Camp, which lets you put Windows on a Mac, and perhaps even snakes on a plane. It's a simple, elegant solution: Need to be in Windows? Reboot into Windows. Need a Mac? Reboot into OSX. I tried it, and it works perfectly.

But I do confess I got tired of the rebooting... even though both Windows and OSX boot really fast on a MacBook Pro. I still felt like Homer, staring at a microwave oven impatiently.

So I tried Parallels. If you haven't heard of this software, prepare to have your mind blown: Parallels not only runs Windows on a Mac, it runs Windows
in a window on a Mac. I mean, like, the fastest Windows computer you've ever seen, running in a window on your Mac Desktop. It's superb.

You can try a very stable pre-release version for free, and pre-order it at a significant savings. Just the ability to cut and paste between OS's is worth the price of admission. And unlike Boot Camp, which limits you to Windows XP SP2, Parallels lets you install Linux or Windows Media or, I don't know, probably Commodore 64 if you're so inclined.

Anyway, check it out. It's awesome, and it helps make the MacBook Pro the perfect computer. (Although, like Shakira, its bottom is blazing hot.)

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