Friday, June 23, 2006

While I'm Fixing the Internet...

Okay, this will help get rid of about fifty percent of the meaningless Internet bulk:

Apple, PC, Playstation, and Xbox fans. I'm talking to you.

There is nothing you can write in a blog comment that is going to be so persuasive, so pithy, so cogent, that it will make your opposition toss aside his deeply held beliefs and come over to your side. (And certainly calling him a Fanboy asshole won't do it.)

So can we please just stop it? There is no reason why every iPod case announcement has to spark 90 posts arguing about whether iPods suck compared to Creative or Archos. No reason why every Dell launch has to also launch 150 "MacBooks do this better/No they don't" arguments. And don't even get me started about the fights over which is better, the Xbox 360 or the PS3, which no one has seen yet.

It's so tiresome. What's happening to, for example, Digg is like what happened to newsgroups back in the day. It's becoming a chore to slog through the meaningless bickering.

We get it. You're loyal. Move on.


Anonymous said...

Nintendo RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All else SUX BALZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

norm said...

Ok...but who's stronger, Superman or the Hulk?

Michael Markowitz said...

Nintendo clearly appeals to a market too young to appreciate the value of having one's balz sucked.