Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why Oh Why Must iPod Cases Come With Mandatory Clips?

It happened yet again. I saw an iPod case -- in this case, Speck's sneaker-inspired line -- and thought, "That'd be great." But when I went to buy it, I found it comes with a non-removable clip. Some even come with a removable clip that connects to a non-removable post. Like the post isn't worse than the clip.

I'm just not a "clip guy." It's not who I am. iPod case makers can try, but they'll never change me. They'll only keep me from buying their product.

If you, however, do like clips, I think these are some cool-looking cases.

(And by the way, just as all clock ads show the time as 10:10, is it a law that all iPods must show Gorillaz?)


peeky said...

Which is not even to mention that clip-ons are often indicative of dorkish nerdity. Sincerely, Judge of Everything

Michael Markowitz said...

Well, that's what I didn't want to say, lest I offend someone. But yeah, I just don't see myself as the kind of guy who takes his iPod or cell phone out of a belt holster. Whether that makes him a dork or me, I leave to others to decide.

And by the way, if Judge Judy gave her show up and it were Judge Peeky, I'd watch it every day.