Sunday, June 25, 2006

You May Have a Flat Panel HDTV and Not Know It

I have been told this, but have not needed to try it myself, so proceed at your own risk and all that...

If your PC or Mac is hooked up to a good, high-resolution LCD monitor -- one with a DVI input -- you just might be able to use that monitor as an HDTV display. Good monitors have resolutions and refresh rates that exceed those of HDTV's.

So you could, for example, hook an HD DirecTV receiver up to it (using an HDMI-to-DVI cable), connect something for audio, and bango! You've got a 17" or 19" or 21" HDTV! If you keep it on your desk, you can add a switch so you can change back and forth from TV to PC. Or if you just got a new notebook and you've got a spare monitor, you can convert it into a TV for the kitchen or the kids' room.

You probably wouldn't want to make this the centerpiece of your home theatre experience. And again, I've only been told that it works... but if it does, it will add up to some pretty sweet savings. If anyone out there has any corrections, advice, or refinements, please add them to the comments!

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