Sunday, July 16, 2006

At the Risk of Becoming Andy Rooney...

Since the jacks are red and white, would it kill the makers of audio cables to make the RCA plugs red and white instead of red and blue?

And would it be so bad if the S-video people came up with some kind of standardized mark on the outside of the jack so we could line up their stupid only-fits-one-way rubik's plug?

And why must there be so many different plugs, all with the name DVI?

Just to show you, those of us who know our way around the back of a piece of equipment get frustrated by little things, too.


howard said...

No, you're absolutely right. The lack of standardization is absurd.

I've still got my ham radio license, and I can tell you it's rare to find two radios that take the same microphone plug.

And maybe it's just the TV equipment I'm using, but I can't see a difference between the S-video out and the composite video from my DVD into my TV.

Can you!?

Michael Markowitz said...

I can, but I'm a hemi-semi-demi geek.

No, like anything else, there are so many variables in the equation it's not a scientific test. When I see a good video source, good cables, a good display, and I switch back and forth between composite and S-video, I see a difference. But if one of those other parts of the equation is not up to snuff, the whole shebang goes gazoink, to put it in technical terms.

I can honestly say that I have been told information I knew to be totally false by people who were known experts in the field of audio and video, so even THEY get it wrong.

Speaking of ham radio licenses, as a blast from the past, I saw something the other day that I have not seen in 25 years... yet back then I swear to you I saw one each and every day, everywhere I went, and I'll bet so did you.

A Discwasher.

The wood handle with the bottle inside and everything!

WOW. Do you remember how EVERYWHERE they were?

I still remember the delicate touch of picking the dustbunny off the stylus before I played each record.

I just got a USB turntable, so I'm looking forward to MP3-ifying my hundreds of LPs if I ever get the time.